Slot Overview: Payday Megaways

Payday, that legendary time of the month when you pay your bills and then go completely crazy with the balance of your paycheck. Storm Gaming, a developer located in the United Kingdom, has released their fourth slot machine powered by the Megaways platform, with the goal of attracting players with a theme centered around office life, unpleasant superiors, and, of course, money. To achieve this goal, Payday Megaways is based on elements that have proven to be successful in the past, while also incorporating some novel elements. The outcome feels like a natural next step for the studio, and the novelty of the central idea may make or break the transaction. The everyday action occurs on a normal Megaways grid, which consists of 6 main reels with 2-7 symbols each and 1 horizontal bonus reel with 4 symbols. Every time you press the play button, the random number of symbols and the number of possible winning combinations are different.

Payday Megaways, if anything, has its own distinct character. Storm Gaming opted for a colorful, even gaudy aesthetic. The loungey music implies this was done on purpose to evoke the decade of the 1990s. Being brave and novel often brings criticism from those who prefer more traditional methods, such as the PC gaming experience as it was in the VGA era, approximately 1991. Some people might like a change of scenery and a spot in the boss’s office. If you win large, he’ll complain about it, and if you get a promotion, he’ll be coughing up his sliced sandwich. The guy is not one to hand away cash easily. Good thing he’s not in charge of the budget, because this game has the potential to net some serious cash.

Participating employees may use any mobile device to place bets ranging from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin. The RTP structure in this rat race is 95.18 percent variable. The jackpot is won when three or more identical symbols appear on consecutive reels, starting with the first, or two or more of the top premium symbol. Lines of six of a type of the boss guy icon are worth 40 times the initial wager. He’s surrounded by trophies, money, spreadsheets, and cigars, all of which pay out 2-7.5 times the initial wager for a straight flush or better. Lower on the corporate totem pole are the J-A symbols, which pay off anything from 0.9x to 1.75x for a full house. A dollar sign signet ring wild appears in the top row, above reels 2-5, to help players form winning combinations. Wilds can be used in place of any standard paying symbol.

Cash Prize Megaways Slot Machine Benefits

Payday Megaways is a slot machine by Storm Gaming that borrows heavily from a previous release called Monsters of Rock Megaways, despite the fact that working a 9-to-5 job is about as far removed from attending a rock concert as possible. The same response system, hidden symbols, pick-me bonus, royal flush, and free spins are available to players. However, as you will see, there is a new element that will liven up the experience.

The response feature is the heart of the action in this slot, as it is in most Megaways machines. When a winning combination occurs, the associated symbols are removed from the reels and replaced by others that have fallen from above. Wins may stack up on a single spin thanks to reactions that stop when no fresh winning combinations appear.

Mystery symbols are another staple of Megaways. They don’t show up often, but when they do, every sign in view changes into the identical matching pay symbol in Payday Megaways.

Envelopes serve as the trigger symbols for the Pick Me function, which is otherwise identical to that of Monsters of Rock Megaways. Picking one of them while there are three in view awards the player a multiplier that increases their win on their stake.

While the Promotion function is only a tiny modifier, it may initiate some very powerful chain reactions. Promotions activate at random to eliminate low earning symbols from the reels, similar to the High Voltage feature in Monsters of Rock Megaways. There is a reevaluation of the victory, which may cause some to respond.

If you get 4 or more of the Payday logo anywhere on the reels, you’ll get 12 free games. If there are more than four scatters, an additional four spins will be added for each additional scatter. Scatters only appear on the central reel during free games, and landing 3, 4, or 5 of them there awards 4, 8, or 16 more free games, respectively. If you’re acquainted with Megaways, you probably have guessed that the free spins feature a win multiplier that starts at x1 and increases by +1 after each reaction.

Finally, the Boss Spins feature, which awards a random amount of free spins, may activate at any time throughout the basic game, despite the fact that the Boss may come off as a bit of a tightwad. The boss awards anywhere from 2-20 free spins with a progressive multiplier that may go as high as x10.

Slot Evaluation of the Payday Megaways

Payday Megaways may seem similar to Monsters of Rock Megaways on paper, and the two games’ features actually function similarly. In the end, though, Storm Gaming has done a respectable job of developing a distinctive Megaways experience. While offices are sometimes seen as the pinnacle of monotony, Storm Gaming’s recreation of an office does it with a wry sense of humor. Even the stereotypically grumpy manager comes off as a guy who just likes to complain for the sake of complaining.

You can understand why Storm Gaming used a tried-and-true method in the gaming industry. When in a good mood, each component may do some impressive feats. Consider the Promotions section. It might come as a nice surprise to realize how efficient it can be to link a series of high pay symbol wins together by eliminating royals from the reels. Free spins with a significant multiplier are the time to do it, since the maximum payout is 10,650 times the wager, or £250,000.

Since the majority of the game’s elements are quite basic, the way the theme is handled might determine whether or not Payday Megaways succeeds. The repurposed Megaways elements and slightly antiquated aesthetic may put off some readers. While some would rather take a five minute vacation from the usual gold mining, Ancient Egypt, or Leprechaun slots, they may still enjoy a fun Megaways game.

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